Why you must watch Demon Slayer ( kimetsu no yaiba ) before you die

Why you must watch Demon Slayer ( kimetsu no yaiba ) before you die


The protagonist, Tanjirou is one of the greatest highlights of the whole show. He is not a typical innocent character than goes on a journey to slay demons. In the first episode, the audience gets a fair idea of his kindness and his great sense of dedication. In the first episode, Tanjirou's family is slain by a demon and he and his sister (who was turned into a demon) are the only survivors. The show does not take too long to develop his character; at first he was empathetic and was not very calculating when he had to give the final blow to saying a demon. The audience sees how his character developed into someone that has a sense of maturity and courage. Tanjirou's empathy and sense of dignity even to the enemy is a breath of fresh air and it makes him more endearing.




Quite frankly, this one could double up for the manga as well as the anime. While the manga is beautifully illustrated, the art and animation quality of the Demon Slayer anime is truly something to behold. The way everything is drawn and animated in the series is extremely eye-catching and flows incredibly well.


Emotinal story

Beginning with the murder of Tanjirou’s entire family, Kimetsu no Yaiba starts off right away with one of the most heart-wrenching tales. It does have its funny moments of comedic relief, but for the most part, this story retains its serious and tragic nature throughout. Tanjirou’s struggle to hold on to the family he has left is something we can all identify with, no matter if your family is one important person or twenty! Combining his emotional tale with that of other characters’ stories he meets along the way gives the anime a cohesive world for viewers to be a part of. This is also one of the few shounen we have seen thus far that does not seem to have the intention of including filler episodes, as it has been very focused on the narrative at hand.



Some of the best series also have the most mysterious circumstances! Kimetsu no Yaiba has plenty left for us to learn about the world and the characters, with a ton of questions left unanswered. Of course, an anime would not be interesting unless it had some element of suspense to it! Kimetsu no Yaiba does well in this regard, allowing us to wonder about some elements of its setting while trying to provide answers to a few questions at a time.



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