Best Anime Of All Time

Best Anime Of All Time

Here is my personal opinion for best anime of all time

Do note this is based on personal opinion based on 200+ anime


1-One Piece  10/10

One piece is undeniably the best series I've ever watched. It is also the highest grossing manga series of all time. What i really love about the series is the vastness of the story and the character development. Since the very beginning the story is already punching action, comedy and feelings into the series. Starting from the introduction of Luffy and how he recruited his crew, it really shows why you would want to root for this underdog. As the story goes by, there is a time skip and all of the crew got an upgrade which pretty much hyped the whole series of this anime. One piece arcs we're also very complex and not predictive . Each one piece arcs we're different then the other which makes it feel less repetitive

Personally, this anime is in my top 1 list because it really did connect the whole story since the start of this series. The goal of the main character is still to become the pirate king and the emperor were introduced in an early stage. Basically its an anime that had all the story connected all along which shows that its not a series just to make a buck.

2-Demon Slayer ( kimetsu no yaiba )  9.2/10

Kimetsu no yaiba is the second list due to its continuous savageness of each character. This anime had also reached to be the best selling manga of all time beating one piece in its prime time. It's definitely a unique anime for its character because of each distinctive breathing form that they have. They literally have to survive the wholes series depending on their swordsmanship and senses. Also what makes things worst is that they don't really have plot armor which really means the good guys will die too, similarly to Akame Ga Kill and if you have read the manga the demon slayer pillars we're unique and each have different . To top it there's nezuko demon slayer Definitely a MUST watch for 2019.


3-One Punch Man  8.8/10

As the name implies, it literally just takes one punch to finish the enemy. This anime is main at its overpower character and comedy behind his OPness. Hence the title One punch man which he obliterate every anime with one punch , there's nothing much to say about this anime because it's simple however the creator of the anime really crafted it to a masterpiece.


4-Kuroko No Basket  8.2/10

 Thoroughly enjoying, dynamic and engaging, and possesses characters that you will undoubtedly grow to love. Fantastic soundtrack to accompany somewhat seamless scenes, along with great visuals. Although it doesn't have a complicated plot with unexpected twists, Kuroko no Basket gives so much more than just your average sports series.


5-Seven Deadly Sins 8/10

This anime shows overpower continuously from both sides. It shows how the demons and other races coming together to put up OPness in each fight. The seven deadly sins each have special traits power of their own with sacred weapon which makes the series unique . Escanor was the character that contribute much to my rating of this anime , as most of his scene was amazing . however the latest season of the anime was quite dissapointing compare to the previous season for many reason


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